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New! Infrared Heated Classes

View which yoga classes near Tinton Falls NJ are heated on our schedule.

Warm: Room temperature ranges between 75-85 degrees

Hot: Room temperature ranges between 85-100 degrees.


Our slow flow  is a 60 minute class that includes a warm up focused on deep stretching and breath work that will set a foundation for a slow-paced flow. The slow flow will include sequencing focused on deep stretching and basic inversions.  Move with the breath to improve your mind-body connection as your body gets stronger and longer. This class is a great choice if you want to focus on your flexibility. End practice with a soothing savasana where students are invited to practice pure mindfulness through meditation.

*This class is beginner friendly.


Our vinyasa flow is a  60-minute  all- levels class that builds on your foundational postures while encouraging adaptability and  flexibility in both body and mind through a challenging sequence. You can expect a well-rounded class that explores the connection between breath and movement in both static holds and fluid movement. Pace is determined by each individual teacher.


Ground down with this slow, stretchy flow. Combining elements of both vinyasa and yin to bring you a night of meditative movement, deep stretch & fascial tissue release. We will dim the lights, set the candles, grab our blankets, blocks & bolsters & breathe through this slow stretch. 

This class is suitable for all ages, abilities & physical conditions and will complement other active practices such as our vinyasa classes. All levels are welcome.


 Our Aerial yoga classes near Tinton Falls NJ will use the breath to move through aerial yoga asanas (poses)  while incorporating modifications for all skill levels, accommodating beginners and experienced aerial yogis alike. After a warm-up sequence, move through creative flow sequences, both in and out of the silk, transition to balance and strength poses, explore movements that will assist with your flexibility while lengthening the body, and lastly transition through several inversions that will focus on decompressing and hydrating the spine. The class will end with a relaxing savasana where students are invited to float above the ground in the silk.

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